The DELTA INC. Life Development Center is located at 1217 Meadow Lane in the Green Acres community. It was purchased in 1992 for the purpose of holding meetings, carrying out projects, programs and housing property.
DELTA Inc.’s Capital Campaign Project was initiated in 2014 to provide capital improvements and repairs at the Life Development Center. The campaign’s focus also is on building an endowment for the future and to fund extraordinary facility expenditures. Funds raised by members of our community affiliate Delta Sigma Theta – Birmingham Alumnae Chapter and other donors have enabled DELTA Inc. to provide the following updates:
  • Updated the Life Development Center signage to ensure compliance with governing organization.
  • Added additional lighting to the parking lot in the gated area of Green Acres Middle School
  • Added security sensors to all of the outside doors
  • Improved the breezeway with a fresh and brighter cosmetic look
  • Added rails for the disabled and public to enter the building safely on the left side of the building
  • Updated fixtures and floors to the restrooms in the Education Building
  • Installed two new air conditioner units in the Minerva Hall
  • Ensured that all fire extinguishers are in compliance
  • Added awnings to three doors
  • Allocated special parking for those needing special accommodations

BECOME A DONOR TODAY! Supporters are encouraged to donate funds to this effort. Each donor is recognized and showcased by having a personalized brick plaque in the building’s front foyer. Donations to DELTA Inc. are tax deductible.  Payments may be mailed to P.O. Box 11112 Birmingham, Al 35202-1112 or by using the PAYPAL Donate Now button on our page.  Click here to download commitment form.

Click Here to View a List of Donors

Omega Omega $200 Purple Brick (Plaque) Level I $250 White Brick (Plaque)
Level II $300 Red Brick (Plaque) Level II $300 Red Brick (Plaque)
Level III $500 Silver Brick (Plaque) Level IV $750 Bronze Brick (Plaque)
(Plaque)Level V $1,000 Gold Brick (Plaque) Level VI $1,500 Minerva Black Brick (Plaque)
Level VII $2,500 and above Minerva Red Metallic Brick (Plaque)