It is my great honor to serve, since January 2018, as the Chair of the Developmental Enhancement Life and Training Alliance Incorporated (DELTA, Inc.). The DELTA Inc. Board is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of an esteemed group of fifteen accomplished women representing various professional areas to include education, nonprofit, public and private business sectors, political service and religious leadership. The board is committed to providing opportunities for young people to improve the quality of their lives through tutoring, counseling, and support programs that develop a desire for lifelong pursuits of worthy personal goals. In addition, we are developing an outreach program that will enrich the lives of senior citizens by providing diversified activities and information pertinent to their well-being and will endeavor to utilize their skills to enhance the lives of others.

It is a very exciting time to be a member of DELTA Inc. Thus far in 2018, the board has led innovative fund raisers to provide academic scholarships such as a pancake breakfast and a TopGolf Tournament. Ideas imagined years ago have gained momentum, and there has been selection, development, and chartering of an Advisory Board of Directors to assist with fundraising, program development and increasing the visibility of DELTA Inc.

As we move forward in 2018 and beyond, we continue to proudly advance the mission of DELTA Inc. in support of Birmingham and the surrounding communities. We thank you for your unyielding support. We look forward to building stronger collaborations and partnerships within the community to serve its citizens.

Yours in partnership,

Velma Small, Chair

DELTA Inc. Board of Directors